Fun Facts

For a look at my professional credentials, check out this page. But if you want to know some of the random things that make me…me… here are some fun facts.

    1. I love travelling and exploring new places. In fact, the only New Year’s resolution I’ve ever kept has been my resolution to visit a new place every year. My last trip was to France with a stopover in Iceland!


    1. I’m a total chocoholic.


    1. In fact, if I won the lottery tomorrow and could do anything, I’d love to go to culinary school to learn how to be a pastry chef; even though I don’t think I’d do anything with it professionally. I just find the science behind food and flavors fascinating.


    1. The #1 way people describe me would be sarcastic. There’s nothing I love more than a dry joke.


    1. I’ve lived all over the country – Tennessee, Alabama, Washington, DC, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, and Minneapolis. I feel very lucky to have been a part of/observed so many different ways of life.


    1. I gave up Facebook about a year ago and think it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


    1. I’m left-handed. This puts me in pretty cool company with other famous left-handers, but give me a pair of right-handed scissors and I’m screwed.


    1. Pop culture gives me life. I’d love to say it’s because of the way it represents a microcosm of society and human nature, but really it’s just because at heart I’m a southerner who loves to know people’s business. (But also, it’s a microcosm of society and human nature.)


    1. I really, really, really, love games. Board games, icebreakers, sports (although mostly as a spectator), card… the list goes on and on.


    1. Being allergic to dogs won’t stop me from petting a really cute one.